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Training and further education at IbB Forensic

If you want to work as an expert in the field of reconstruction of road accidents for police, prosecutors and courts, then the responsible authorities require good knowledge of the subject matter. In Germany, for example, public appointment and swearing-in is the criterion of quality of the experts. In Austria, e.g. the generally sworn and court-certified experts. In other European countries there are different regulations. For more information see:

To pass the examinations, a good education is necessary. For the quality assurance mostly a regular further education is required. IbB-Forensic has offered courses and seminars since 1990; in German language and partly also in English. Over time, it has been proven to work with changing partners, depending on the progress of technical development.


Cooperation partner:

Due to the increasingly up-to-date reading and utilization of electronic data, we have a long-standing cooperation with the company Crash Data Specialists, USA and Canada, see:

We have also started a cooperation with the US company Crash Data Group Inc. in 2019.
http: //


Verkehrsunfallforschung Dresden (VUFO) and IbB-Forensic have been cooperating since 2018 in the field of training and further education for accident researchers and analysts, whereby the skills and experience of both partners complement each other perfectly. VUFO focuses on the scientific aspect and has unique expertise in the recording, processing, analysis and reconstruction of 20,000 traffic accidents. IbB-Forensic consists of a group of experts in Europe who primarily work for courts and prepare accident analysis reports on road traffic accidents. Both partners already offer training and further education opportunities separately. In order to convey the greatest possible amount of knowledge, to use the mutual competencies and to make the offers efficient, joint events are continuously offered. The courses offered by VUFO GmbH can be found at:

Due to the increasingly up-to-date reading and utilization of electronic data, we have a long-standing cooperation with the company Crash Data Specialists, USA and Canada, see:

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Upcoming Events

CDR General Training

Date: Friday 21/10/2022 to Saturday 22/10/2022 (Day 1: 9am to 5pm and Day 2: 9am to 4pm

Venue: room in DE-54472 Brauneberg, Moselweinstraße 153 (maximum = 10 participants). 

Trainer: Dr. Heinz Burg (DE) and Dirk Christiaens (BE)

Registration: Please use our website or send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Costs: €2,380.00 incl. 19% VAT. Cash in advance. Course documents included, catering during the lesson time also included.

Overnight stay: No reservation by the organizer, each participant has to find accommodation himself. Useful links (accommodation options) will be sent to participants.

Certificate of Participation: Attendance hours are noted on the certificate of participation and this certificate is given to the participant after the end of the course.


The organizer points out that it is an advantage if the participants already have CDR equipment (CDR 900 and associated software) at their disposal.

Event Date 21.10.2022 9:00 am
Event End Date 22.10.2022 4:00 pm
Registration Start Date 06.09.2022
Cut off date 20.10.2022
Capacity 10
Registered 0
Available place 10
Individual Price (w/o tax) 2.380,00€
Attachment Schedule CDR General Training Version 1.pdf
2.380,00€ 10